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Great ways to rethink home energy use

You can do many simple things to make your home more energy efficient. And when you need some help learning about your home and making upgrades, you can bring in an energy professional.

Make free energy efficiency changes right now

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, there are plenty of things that you can do right now around your home to start saving energy and money. And you don’t have to spend a penny. For example, you can move furniture and window drapes away from baseboard vents. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater. Unplug electrical appliances when you aren’t using them.

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Here as some additional no-cost or low-cost energy-saving tips:

  • Consider lowering your thermostat when you are not home.
  • Close off heating vents in rooms you don’t use.
  • Clean and replace air filters once a month or when needed.
  • Wash only full loads of dishes and cancel dry heating on each load.
  • Wash clothes in cold or warm water to improve stain removal and help to keep your energy bill under control.
  • Insulate hot water heaters and hot water pipes to prevent heat loss.
  • Switch incandescent light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs and flood lights.

Put the sun to work for you

Workers placing solar panels on a rooftop.
A solar electric system can turn sunlight into electricity to power your home. The sun is an environmentally friendly, renewable source of energy that can help you save on energy bills. You can own or lease the system on your roof, or you can enter into a power purchase agreement or PPA with a solar company. Solar experts are available to help you understand your options. Financing and incentives may be available to help support your project.

Discover your home’s secrets

About 20 percent of the air that moves through an average duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts in typical houses. Energy professionals know exactly what to look for and can make recommendations on your whole living area. An inefficient HVAC system costs you a lot of extra money and makes it difficult to keep your home comfortable no matter how the thermostat is set.

Take control of your energy costs

You can make it go a little further on your budget by learning how to maximize energy efficiency in your home. Each year, New York State homeowners waste hundreds of dollars in energy. Many people feel powerless in the face of high energy bills. But help is available across the State to lower your energy bills and live more comfortably all year long.

Factor in your household appliances

customers looking at refrigerators

Your refrigerator, microwave, and washing machine probably won’t tell you, but do you know how much energy they use? The average household spends approximately $2,200 on energy bills every year. So when it comes time to replace your old appliances, choosing new ENERGY STAR® certified models will dramatically reduce your utility bills and help protect the environment.

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Your old appliances are costing you more than you might think. Keeping appliances running past their prime instead of buying new might seem like a cost savings, but remember there are two costs associated with your appliances: the purchase price and the cost to run it. You can save energy and money with an ENERGY STAR-certified appliance from the moment you plug it in. That’s because ENERGY STAR-certified appliances feature advanced technologies that use up to 50% less energy and water than standard models.