West Valley Site Management Program

Western New York Nuclear Service Center

The West Valley Site
An aerial picture of the West Valley Site.

NYSERDA, on behalf of the state of New York, holds title to the Western New York Nuclear Service Center, a 3,300-acre parcel near the hamlet of West Valley in Cattaraugus Country, approximately 35 miles south of Buffalo

NYSERDA’s West Valley Site Management Program (WVSMP) addresses the Center's environment management challenges by implementing sound environmental, health and safety, and technical policies, and working to ensure that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) honors its obligations under the West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) Act for the cleanup and long-term care of the site.

NYSERDA also manages New York State's responsibilities at West Valley, including monitoring and maintaining the State-Licensed Disposal Area (SDA), the 15-acre shut-down disposal area. NYSERDA manages the Retained Premises, which is the property surrounding the 200-acre site, with help from the DOE in the West Valley Demonstration Project.

In 2014, an Aerial Radiological Survey [PDF] over the WNYNSC and the surrounding areas was completed to provide an updated picture of radiological conditions at the WNYNSC and surrounding areas. As a follow up to the survey, a soil sampling and dose assessment project was initiated to confirm that certain areas identified as having elevated levels of radioactivity slightly above background did not pose a health or safety concern. NYSERDA and their radiological support services contractor issued the Radiological Survey and Dose Assessment Report for the WNYNSC and Off-Site Areas in 2016 [PDF] and accompanying appendices.

West Valley Citizen Task Force

In 1996, the West Valley Citizen Task Force was formed by NYSERDA and DOE to broaden public participation and aid in developing a closure option for the Center. Today, the Task Force continues to meet regularly discussing a variety of issues including future site use, long-term stewardship, and regulatory issues. In addition, the Task Force keeps Congressional Representatives from the Western New York Region informed about the ongoing issues at the West Valley Site. 


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