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Who can help me install my system?

NYSERDA provides a list of eligible, experienced wind turbine installers to help you find the right person for your project. You should carefully interview and select a turbine installer just as you would any other home improvement contractor:

  • Call at least three eligible installers for price quotes on comparable systems. Locate your latest electric bill to refer to, as the installer will likely ask you up-front how much energy you currently use on a monthly basis.
  • Ask how many systems they have installed
  • Ask whether they have had hands-on training to install wind systems
  • Ask for customer references and be sure to check them
  • Ensure that they have the proper insurance coverage
  • Find out what type of monitoring they provide once the system is up and running

NYSERDA’s preapproved installers will provide you with an estimate of how much energy your system will produce, plus a minimum five-year warranty covering full costs, including labor, and repair or replacement of defective components or systems.