Electric Vehicles Reports and Studies

New York State has produced research focused on the impacts and potential for implementation of a wide range of electric vehicle (EV) and charging station policies and technologies. These reports include information on the role of State public utility commissions in supporting EV use, and an assessment of the energy, economic, and environmental impacts of EVs on the electric grid in New York State.

Select reports are listed on this page. Visit the Clean Transportation Reports and Guides page for a complete list.

Tariff Options for Minimizing Fast Charger Demand Charges

Direct current (DC) fast chargers require high input power levels, which can result in high electricity “demand charges” for the station owner.  This report examines regulatory and rate-making options to mitigate these expenses and encourage adoption of DC fast chargers.

NYS Grid-Interactive Study

The strategic plan describes how to integrate EVs with the electric grid, both for one-way and two-way communication with the grid. The report focuses on actions to advance the readiness of technology and standards, retail and wholesale markets, and policies and regulations.

EV Tourism in New York State

This study examined the feasibility, business models, and potential environmental impacts for EV-based tourism in the Hudson Valley. It found that the Hudson Valley can leverage EV early adopters and aspirational adopters to benefit the regional economy.

Electricity Pricing Strategies to Reduce Grid Impacts from EV Charging

The added load from EV charging could increase peak electricity demand and increase costs for New York utilities and customers. This report explores electricity pricing strategies that encourage off-peak residential EV charging in New York State.

Solutions for EV Charging Station Financing Barriers

This report identifies barriers to private financing for EV charging stations. It outlines financing, subsidy, and market development options to help New York State create a self-sufficient EV ecosystem in the State as quickly as possible.

Utility Commission Initiatives for EVs and Charging Stations

This report summarizes EV- and charging station-related initiatives from utility commissions and utilities around the United States as of 2013.