Data and Reports

Getting communities ready to support electric vehicles (EVs) is a complex undertaking. It involves vehicle manufacturers, local dealers, and consumers as well as local utilities, local planning organizations, local code officials, and other stakeholders who must address how EVs interact with the electric grid. New York State has supported research and developed guidance documents on a wide range of topics for EV users and stakeholders. These materials provide information to help stakeholders make informed decisions about EVs and EV charging equipment.

Best Practice Guides for Charging Stations

NYSERDA and its partners have developed best practice guides for charging station hosts, installers, and communities that help people navigate the process for permitting, buying, installing, and operating charging stations. Use these resources to help make your EV charging station project a success.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Data

New York State and other organizations have supported EV infrastructure projects since 2012. These projects include collecting data associated with demonstrations of different location types and business models for EV charging equipment.

Additional Resources

New York State has produced research focused on the impacts and potential for implementation of a wide range of EV and charging station policies and technologies. These reports include information on the role of State public utility commissions in supporting EV use, and an assessment of the energy, economic, and environmental impacts of EVs on the electric grid in New York State.