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Drivers of passenger cars are just one group involved with electric vehicles (EVs). These pages provide specific information for several groups interested in EV technology, policy, and best practices.

  • Electric Vehicle Buyers and Dealers can find answers to frequently asked questions about EVs, such as how they are different from conventional cars, what type of EV may work best for individual situations, how they fuel, and what benefits they provide.
  • Planners and Municipalities discussing EV use in their community can find resources, guidelines, and best practice documents to help them make informed decisions.
  • Fleet Operators of medium- and heavy-duty EVs can learn about purchasing incentives for both the vehicles and charging stations. Documented case studies of various different fleet types and venues provide insights into successful deployments.
  • Charging Station Installers and Inspectors are critical to the safe installation of electric vehicle charging stations, but also play a key role in ensuring people interact with the technology successfully. These users can find information such as how EVs can be integrated with the power grid, site design considerations, installation best practices, and opportunities to streamline the permitting process.
  • Becoming a Charging Station Host can be advantageous for attracting business or retaining employees, but it must be done properly to optimize those benefits. Learn about the many considerations to take into account prior to charging station installation such as location, type of station, and costs, along with best practices to follow once the station is operational to maximize its use.