Efforts to Popularize Biomimicry

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NYSERDA’s efforts to promote biomimicry began with a Scoping Session (held in November 2008) that  brought together 50 industrialists, academicians, economic development specialists, and biomimicry gurus. A “Roadmap” document resulted from the Scoping Session (available below), which emphasizes that NYSERDA efforts should initially focus on raising awareness, then proceed to sponsor issue-focused workshops and to design charettes as a way to initiate matchmaking between industrialists/entrepreneurs and biomimicry gurus with the appropriate topical expertise.

For example, a design charette regarding climate control may bring together manufacturers of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, along with biomimicry experts who specialize in translating the shape of nautilus shells into fan blades. Ultimately, if marketplace feedback endorses NYSERDA’s efforts to promote biomimicry, NYSERDA envisions tailoring certain funding opportunities to encourage proposals which leverage biomimicry.