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Building Envelope

Get the most out of existing and new equipment by investing in your building envelope

How it works

A building envelope includes all the components that make up the shell of your building—walls, roofing, foundation, windows, and doors. This shell helps to both regulate your indoor climate (temperature control, air quality, etc.) and protect against the outdoor environment (drafts, condensation, etc.). Your envelope plays a key role in determining optimal comfort levels, ventilation, natural lighting, and how much energy is needed for heating and cooling.

Without a properly constructed building envelope, your heating and cooling systems will not work as effectively, making this an essential element in creating a higher-performing building. Building envelope upgrades or retrofits include locating and sealing air leaks, increasing insulation, and weatherstripping windows and doors.

How you benefit

  • Lower your energy and operating costs through reduced heating and cooling loads
  • Improve employee productivity and comfort with greater temperature control
  • Create a safe and healthy building with proper ventilation and better indoor air quality
  • Enhance your building’s overall aesthetics and real estate value

When you should consider it

Building envelope upgrades may be good for your business if you are:

  • Experiencing issues with heating or cooling your building efficiently
  • Upgrading or investing in new heating and cooling systems for your business
  • Undergoing a renovation or new construction project
  • Looking for ways to improve the value of your real estate
  • Trying to obtain or improve a green building certification for your building

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