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Climate Change


Across New York State, average temperatures are increasing. Heavy rain events and heat waves have become more frequent and longer. Along the coastline, sea levels are rising. Scientists predict that in New York State and elsewhere, these changes will continue and accelerate. Past climate experience is no longer a reliable guide to the future.

In New York State, climate change is already having a profound impact on society, the economy, and natural ecosystems. The agricultural growing season is fluctuating. Coastal and inland flooding is happening more often. Populations of plants and wildlife are changing. Catastrophic weather events are more likely, and their costs to human life and buildings is increasing.

NYSERDA’s Role in Fighting Climate Change

Because greenhouse gas emissions from energy production are the primary cause of climate change, NYSERDA is focusing on helping New Yorkers use less energy and getting the energy they need from clean, renewable sources. We aim to improve human health and protect New York’s natural resources by minimizing the impacts of generating and using energy.

NYSERDA also conducts research related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. NYSERDA’s Environmental Research Program supports research specifically to:

  • Evaluate the potential of mitigation strategies (energy efficiency and renewable energy) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Assess climate change impacts and adaptation strategies (preparing for the current and projected climate changes)
  • Conduct research and analysis on climate change policies in New York State.

Climate Change Across Sectors

To help better understand and prepare for the impacts of climate change, NYSERDA supports adaptation research projects. NYSERDA’s ClimAID Report contains climate projections (updated in 2014), impacts and vulnerabilities, and potential adaptation strategies for a range of sectors across the State. To help fill in knowledge gaps related to adapting to climate change, NYSERDA releases competitive solicitations to address some of those needs. Read descriptions of funded research projects [PDF]. Completed projects  are documented in final project reports.

Want to participate in our climate assessment?

NYSERDA is leading a comprehensive assessment of observed and projected impacts of climate change on New York State: the “New York State Climate Impacts Assessment: Understanding and Preparing for Our Changing Climate.” This ambitious effort will assess how climate change will affect New York's communities, ecosystems, and economy, and may inform climate choices at all levels of decision-making in the State.

To ensure that the process and resulting information reflect the current state of science and New York's unique concerns, NYSERDA is seeking involvement from engaged and knowledgeable people from across New York and from all types of organizations and backgrounds. We strongly encourage participation from applicants who represent the diversity of New York State.

NYSERDA has contracted with Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG) to coordinate the development of this assessment. In this capacity, ERG will be responsible for subcontracting with experts and stakeholders critical to support the assessment. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please respond Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. no later than Wednesday, April 28, 2021. Additional information Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. is available, including a recording of an informational webinar held on April 13. If you have questions, please email nysclimateimpacts@erg.com.

Please spread the work to anyone you know who may be interested in participating!