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Environmental Research Partners


Several hundred companies in New York manufacture equipment, chemicals and software to manage waste and control pollution. NYSERDA's Environmental Research Program develops and demonstrates energy-efficient technologies associated with waste management and pollution control and supports research to better understand the environmental impacts of energy production and use.

NYSERDA’s environmental research partners industry segments include air pollution control, wastewater and drinking water, solid and hazardous waste management, control and information systems, and advanced sensors and instrumentation.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation engineers and manufactures, ultraviolet water purification equipment, ultraviolet air sanitizing and surface disinfection systems, and UV germicidal lamps for residential and commercial applications.

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Ann M. Wysocki, Director of Marketing
[email protected]
375 Marcus Boulevard Hauppauge, NY 11788


ATSI, Inc. is a full-service, multi-discipline Engineering and Geomatics solutions firm certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. We have provided cost-effective solutions to a diverse range of satisfied clients for over 40 years. With an experienced team of over 100 professionals, we are large enough to tackle the most diverse projects, yet small enough to deliver personal attention and flexibility to individual client and project requirements.

In today’s energy conscious world, ATSI provides “green” design concepts and engineering solutions focused on economical, energy savings and carbon positive solutions. We are experienced in conducting evaluations of various types of equipment and systems to include: HVAC, lighting, motors, transformers, variable speed drives, insulation, windows, materials, process equipment, productivity improvements, combined heat & power (CHP) applications, and industrial process energy consumption improvements that have an effect on electrical or fossil fuel energy efficiencies.

Our team of experts routinely review and evaluate the latest in energy efficient technologies, conduct energy saving analysis, develop project scoping plans, prepare or review energy-efficient design cost estimates, develop cost benefit analysis plans, and create engineering design plans, specifications and reports from concept to completion on small and large projects.

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Karen A. Armstrong, Director of Geomatics & Industrial Technologies
[email protected]
716-691-9200415 Commerce Drive
Amherst, NY 14228

Crystal IS, Inc.

Crystal IS, Inc. is the world leader manufacturer of ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV LEDs) based on aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate technology. Based at 265 nm emission wavelength, these LEDs target the peak in the germicidal action spectrum for the most effective disinfection. With the unique "AlN" technology, Crystal IS offers a path to high power, long life and cost effective LEDs.

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Sandra Schujman, Senior Staff Scientist
[email protected]
70 Cohoes Avenue
Island, NY 12183

Environmental C&C, Inc.

Environmental C&C is responsible for the application, design, engineering and sale of equipment build to our designs for the purpose of assisting industry to comply with EPA clean air standards. We specialize in applications with high volumes of industrial exhaust containing low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). One of our most notable clients is Ford Motor Company where we are treating their automotive paint lines. Our fluidized bed concentrator (FBC) abatement system is an integral part of Ford’s ‘Fumes to Fuel’ initiative to utilize concentrated paint solvents from their exhaust to create energy.

Our systems consist of an adsorber which removes volatiles from the airstream, and a desorber which releases the volatiles from the adsorbent media. The concentrated volatiles may then be condensed in recovery applications, or oxidized in destruction applications. The fluid bed technology is also a very cost effective option for odor abatement. Whether the application is VOC abatement, solvent recovery, or odor abatement, this technology provides the lowest operating cost, lowest energy use, and lowest secondary emissions (such as greenhouse gases) of any abatement technology available.

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The system shown here is treating 160,000 cfm process flow from the painting operations of a military contractor. The 3 absorbers here are concentrating this process to a final volume of about 2,000 cfm. This provides an 80 to 1 turndown of the original dilute stream, with a corresponding increase in VOC concentration. The final treatment of the 2,000 cfm concentrate is carried out using a small thermal oxidizer


Hal Cowles, President
[email protected]
728 Church Road
Glenville, NY 12302

Rochester District Heating Group, Inc.

Rochester District Heating Cooperative is member owned and provides high pressure/temperature steam to its members. RDHC was founded in 1985 and traces its roots back to 1880.


Paul Kimball, GM
[email protected]
150 State St
Suite 110
Rochester, NY 14614

Spectrum BioEnergy LLC

Spectrum BioEnergy Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. develops projects to convert organic waste into renewable energy using proven and demonstrated anaerobic digestion, or biogas, technology. In New York State, our goal is to partner with established technology players to build one of the first multimillion dollar regional facilities to convert organic wastes – from entities such as colleges, supermarkets, and wastewater treatment plants – into renewable electricity. This electricity would be used onsite at a wastewater treatment plant, thereby benefitting the municipality via 1) savings on energy costs, 2) revenue from organic waste collections, and 3) a reduced burden on regional landfills, in addition to being a community project that we believe will garner great public support. Since 2011, Spectrum has received approximately $100,000 in funding from NYSERDA for our demonstration and feasibility projects, and aims to use this seed support as a foundation to develop a multimillion dollar biogas facility.


Suma Reddy, President
[email protected]
15 Warren Street, Suite 210
Jersey City, NJ

Tire Conversion Technologies, Inc.

TCT is a manufacturer of value-added products made from scrap tires. Since 1998, TCT has been developing and marketing environmentally friendly products across a range of industries. TCT also provides custom manufactured products for OEM projects.

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Ryan Grant, Sales and Marketing
[email protected]
Hillside Commerce Park 1301 Hillside Avenue
Niskayuna, NY 12309