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Building Research Partners


According to the United States Department of Energy, today's buildings consume more energy than any other sector of the US economy, including transportation and industry. NYSERDA's Buildings program has focused its efforts on helping reduce this heavy impact on New York's energy resources.

NYSERDA's Buildings R&D partners are working to advance the development and application of energy efficient building related technology. Examples of these technologies include heating and cooling technologies with improved efficiencies, lighting fixtures to support advanced light sources, and controls to manage building loads during peak periods.


BuildingGreen, LLCLink opens in new window - close new window
to return to this page. is an independent publishing company committed to bringing our members accurate, unbiased, and timely green design information. The company brings the best research, thinking, and writing to you through many publications, including Environmental Building News, the GreenSpec® directory of green building products, the BuildingGreen Suite of online tools, and LEED user.


John Singer, General Manager
[email protected]
122 Birge St. Suite 30
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Bridge Metal Industries

Bridge Metal Industries is a premier supplier of custom lighting, component hardware and displays to the P.O.P. and retail fixturing industry. Our lights and products can be found in a vast majority of the Big Box stores, drug and fast food chains. We primarily fabricate using sheet metal, wire, tubing, wood and plastic. We have developed cutting edge portrait, shelf, header and cabinet lights utilizing LEDs and fluorescent light sources. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is vertically integrated so we control as many manufacturing processes as possible.


Alan Cowen, Manager
[email protected]
717 S 3rd Ave
Mount Vernon, NY, 10550-4905

CALM Energy

CALM Energy’s Link opens in new window - close new window
to return to this page. Smart Utility Management Platform and Energy Optimizer Product enable energy efficiency both within the building as well as within the electric grid through the use of our proprietary and patented technologies that are focused on using machine learning to automatically and continuously save energy. Our product uses the latest NIST standards for smart grid interoperability between the utility and the building, providing an unprecedented opportunity to save energy while improving grid reliability.


John Johnson, President and CEO
[email protected]
10 West 47th St. Suite 206
New York, NY 10036

Comfortex Window Fashions

 Comfortex Window FashionsLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this
page., founded in 1986, is an innovator in the window fashion industry. The company maintains its headquarters just north of Albany in Maplewood, New York, and operates an additional manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The Comfortex complete line of cellular, roller, Roman, pleated and insulating blind shades, wood alloy blinds, plantation shutters, sheer window shadings and verticals is distributed in every state in the United States and in over 70 countries on five continents worldwide.

The Odysee fabric vanes expand into soft honeycomb cells which insulate windows from drafts and offer complete privacy. The compressed fabric vanes provide an open view through. The non-woven polyester fabrics provide significant insulation for year round energy savings, up 71% more insulating when compared to standard horizontal wood blind.


Judy Rowe
[email protected]
21 Elm Street Maplewood NY 12189

Econoburn Boilers

 Econoburn Boilers Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. Western New York Manufacturer of advanced 2-stage wood gasification boilers with sizes ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 BTU’s.


Mark Odell, VP Sales & Marketing
[email protected]
2 Central Avenue
Brocton, NY 14716

Ecovative Design

At Ecovative DesignLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., we are passionate about sustainability. That's why we're working with nature to replace unsustainable plastics and foams with natural composites. Using innovative new materials and radical new technologies, our products perform at least as well as current state-of-the-art synthetics, but at a lower cost to both you and the environment.


Jason Nixon, Communication Coordinator
[email protected]
60 Cohoes Avenue
Suite 100, Green Island, NY 12183

ECR International

ECR InternationalLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this
page., designs and develops solar products and installations, including interpretive exhibits for science & environmental centers, solar fountains, solar freezer carts, dark-sky compliant solar LED lights, as well as system components. Solar designer, Amelia Amon, provides her aesthetic approach to integrating sustainable energy into our built environment.

By relying less on electricity from power plants, a freewatt system can significantly lower environmental impact.

Plus, freewatt systems provide constant thermal comfort, without the temperature swings and noisy cycling that comes with a traditional heating system.


Joe Langlois, Product Manager
[email protected]
2201 Dwyer Ave.
PO Box 4729
Utica, NY 13504-4729

Enernet Corporation

Founded in 1994, Enernet CorporationLink opens in new window - close new window
to return to this page. designs and manufactures products used in the HVACR control industry as well as power recording products used in energy studies. Our HVAC control products include the T9000 wireless thermostat system with mesh network capability. This patented wireless technology known as EnernetWorks™ is used in thousands of hotel rooms, multi-family residential buildings and other applications throughout the United States and Canada.

EnernetWorks™ supports building management system integration and control for Demand Response and demand limiting of loads such as Packaged Terminal A/C, console and vertical heat pumps, window a/c and other typically unmanaged HVAC loads. These loads represent a generally overlooked yet significant coincident peaking end-use. They are seldom if ever effectively addressed in demand response efforts because of the difficulty in reaching them in an economical manner.


Brad Hesse, President
[email protected]
307 Dewittshire Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13214

The Fulton Companies

 The Fulton Companies is an American multi-national group of companies headquartered in Pulaski, NY. Fulton researches, engineers, manufactures, and sells complex heat transfer equipment for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Fulton has been an industry leader for more than 60 years. For additional information about Fulton, please visit www.fulton.comLink opens in new window - close new window
to return to this page..


James Pettiford, Director of Engineering & New Product Development
[email protected]
972 Centerville Road
Pulaski, NY 13142

G-TEC Natural Gas Systems

 G-TEC Natural Gas Systems Link opens in new window - close new window
to return to this page. is the leading manufacturer of natural gas Torch Boosters and Refuelers for fuel cell research and development. G-TEC systems are unique because they are compact, low-cost, and designed for indoor installation at the location where high pressure natural gas will be used. Compared to other natural gas compressors G-TEC systems are 50% less expensive, easier to permit in compliance with local building codes and simpler to operate and maintain.

Torch Boosters raise utility natural gas pressure (often ¼ psi) as high as 160 psi for direct supply to a gas consuming device in real time without storage cylinders. Refuelers allow customer to fill their own cylinders with high pressure natural gas (275 psi_ to make natural gas portable. G-TEC’s standard product line is used to provide a low-cost, reliable high pressure natural gas infrastructure for fuel cell research and development and for Phase 1 product development. G-TEC also designs and manufactures custom compressors as components in commercial fuel cell products.

G-TEC Torch Boosters are certified by CSA International, CE compliant and welcomed in buildings where cylinders of fuel gases such as propane and acetylene are prohibited. They are sold around the world and are compatible with electric and natural gas infrastructures in all countries.


Edward C. Howard, Sales & Marketing Manager
[email protected]
401 William Gaiter Parkway, Suite 4
Buffalo, NY 14215

IBI, Inc.

IBI, Inc has developed and patented new technology for producing buildings for various uses and markets which are more energy efficient, greater in fire, earthquake, and flood resistance, and are lower in cost than most competing conventional building technologies. In addition, the architectural design possibilities are vast to easily satisfy the demands of the markets in which they compete. The company is currently in the last stages of development for production.


Richard Paroly, President
[email protected]
86 Winfield Ave
Harrison, NY 10528

Intellidyne, LLC

Intellidyne, LLC is the market-leading manufacturer of energy-saving controls for commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration applications. Intellidyne®, founded in 1996, is privately held and located in Plainview, Long Island, New York. Intellidyne products immediately reduce energy consumption by HVAC and refrigeration systems by as much as 30 percent.


John E. Reilly, CEO
[email protected]
5077 Nesconset Hwy, STE 10 PMB 148
Mt Sinai, NY 11766

LaMar Lighting Company, Inc.

LaMar LightingLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. has been an acknowledged leader and innovator in fluorescent lighting, with a wide assortment of Fluorescent Fixtures for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Specializing in custom design, as well as offering a full line of standard Fluorescent Fixtures, LaMar combines contemporary styling with cost efficient solutions for your every application.


Jeff Goldstein, CEP
[email protected]
485 Smith St.
Farmingdale, NY 11735


LogCheckLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. is the easiest way to stay on top of routine maintenance tasks, inspections, and meter readings. Building operators and engineers use our mobile application to stay organized, improve communication, and gain greater insights from their regular inspections process.

We view the building operator as a critical component of the building system, and we developed our app to help them do their job better. Operators enjoy using LogCheck because we kept it simple and designed it around their daily workflow of inspection rounds, meter readings, and preventative maintenance tasks. Management likes it because it makes communication and accountability more transparent. For a free trial, please visit www.logcheck.comLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..


[email protected]
28 W 27th Street, Ste. 901
New York, NY 10001

LSI Industries, Inc.

LSI Industries Inc.Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this
page. is dedicated to advancing energy efficient lighting technology, with a focus on solid-state LED. We combine integrated technology, design, and manufacturing to produce affordable, high performance lighting products for indoor and outdoor applications. LSI is a U.S. manufacturer with marketing/sales efforts in the commercial/industrial lighting, petroleum/convenience store, multi-site retail (including automobile dealerships, restaurants and national retail accounts), sports, and entertainment markets around the globe.


Kip Springer, Indoor Product Manager
500 Hudson Valley Avenue
New Windsor, NY 12553

MSP® Technology

MSP TechnologyLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. owns patents on a unique method for dehumidification that combines multiple-small-plate heat exchangers with a traditional cooling coil, to create a compact, high efficiency dehumidification solution with a low pressure drop.


Walter Stark, Partner
[email protected]
77 Bankside Drive
Centerport, NY 11721

Niagara Blower Heat Transfer Solutions

Niagara Blower Heat Transfer SolutionsLink opens in new window
- close new window to return to this page. is a design-build manufacturer providing engineered solutions to heat transfer applications at power, process, refinery, food and brewing facilities worldwide since 1904. Niagara's customized product lines include WSAC closed-loop, evaporative coolers and condensers and “No-Frost”® liquid desiccant dehumidification systems.


Phil Rowland, “No-Frost” Product Manager
[email protected]
716 875-2000
673 Ontario St
Buffalo, NY 14207 USA

Performance Systems Development LLC of NY

Performance Systems Development (PSD)Link opens in new window -
close new window to return to this page. has been providing consulting and training services to the energy sector since 1994. PSD develops and delivers comprehensive energy and information services that are nationally recognized as being state-of-the-art. PSD's core mission is to develop systems that will assist clients in the development of sustainable and profitable markets for energy efficiency activities.

Since its founding, PSD has moved on multiple fronts to develop and refine a set of tools and protocols for market transformation through creative program implementation and the strategic application of technology.

  • In-depth building science training expertise
  • Hands-on software training delivery proficiency
  • In-house architects and engineering talent
  • Real-world builder training delivery experiences
  • Experienced in workshop delivery and marketing for both professional and trade groups


Alex Mordas, Director of Program Development
[email protected]
124 Brindley St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Rad Elec, Inc.

Rad Elec Inc.Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. develops, manufactures, and markets the only commercially available system that utilizes the Electret Ion Chamber (EIC) technology and is sold under the brand name E-PERM®. Rad Elec Inc. offers devices that measure Radon and Radon Decay Products and devices that measure a number of different types of ionizing radiation – alpha, beta, gamma, and neutrons, all utilizing the same core instrumentation and technology. REI owns six electret ion chambers related patents.


Dr. Paul Kotrappa, President
[email protected]
301 694-0011
716-A Industry Lane
Frederick, Maryland 21704

Rochester District Heating Group, Inc.

Rochester District Heating Cooperative is member owned and provides high pressure/temperature steam to its members. RDHC was founded in 1985 and traces its roots back to 1880.


Paul Kimball, GM
[email protected]
150 State St., Suite 110
Rochester, NY 14614

SELUX Corporation

SELUXLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. offers a comprehensive range of high quality architectural interior and exterior light fixtures, including solar powered and dark-sky certified fixtures. Innovative luminaires designed to help lighting professionals and architects create exceptional interior and exterior spaces in which to live and work.


Veit Mueller, President
[email protected]
PO Box 1060, 5 Lumen Lane
Highland NY 12528

Saab Sensis Corporation

Saab Sensis Corporation Link opens in new window - close new window
to return to this page. is a global provider of air defense, air traffic control, airline and airport operations management, and data integration and distribution.

The company brings together decades of advanced radar, sensor and related expertise to meet the changing needs of the global aviation markets. We are a leading provider of surveillance, information technology, and simulation and modeling for the aviation industry, with customers that include air traffic service providers, civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines and system integrators.

Incorporated in the U.S. with its headquarters in Syracuse, New York, Saab Sensis is integrated into Saab Group's Air Traffic Management product area within our Security and Defense Solutions business area. Our employees serve a global client base of military, civil aviation, airport and airline customers in more than 35 countries across six continents. We are actively involved in industry organizations and working groups worldwide, helping to address critical issues and develop innovative, real-world solutions.


[email protected]
85 Collamer Crossings
E. Syracuse, NY 13057

Sensorcon, Inc.

SensorconLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. is a consumer electronics company, with a goal of putting the best sensor technologies into inexpensive sensor products for everyone. Our Sensordrone turns your smartphone into a carbon monoxide detector, non-contact thermometer, gas leak detector, lux meter, weather station, diagnostic tool, breath analyzer, and more! Sensordrone is widely considered to be the world’s first practical tricorder, and it won the grand prize in NASA’s Tech Brief’s Magazine’s Create the Future contest.


Mark Wagner, President
[email protected]
150 North Airport Drive
Buffalo, NY 14225

Sigma Equipment Corp.

SIGMALink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. is a manufacturer of various machines such as mixers, extruders, and homogenizers. SIGMA machines are used in the processing of products such as ink, paint, healthcare products and soap. SIGMA also supplies complete saponification and drying plants for manufacture of bar soap. SIGMA machines have been sold throughout the U.S. and in 15 foreign countries.


Ed D'Errico, President
[email protected]
39 Westmoreland Ave.
White Plains, NY 10606

SPD Control Systems Corporation

SPD Control System Corporation (SCSC) Link opens in new window - close new window
to return to this page. specializes in Suspended Particle Device (SPD) Electronic Controllers and Building Energy Management Systems. Our products include intellectual property, automotive, residential and commercial building SPD controllers and a sophisticated Building Energy Management Control System. In December 2010 SCSC signed Daimler AG to a non-exclusive worldwide IP license for use in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The contract provides a royalty for each vehicle using SPD glass.


John Petraglia, CEO
[email protected]
Center for Wireless & Info. Tech.
Stony Brook Univ. R&D Park
1500 Stony Brook Road
Stony Brook, NY 11794-6040

Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

 Founded in 1972 Steven Winter Associates, Inc.Link opens in new window - close
new window to return to this page. is an architectural/engineering research and development consulting firm with specialized expertise in green technologies and design, energy and resource efficiency. SWA's staff includes more than 80 engineers, architects, and other trained building professionals employed at offices located in Norwalk, CT, Washington, D.C., New York, NY, and Boston, MA.

SWA is a national leader in technical assistance, policy, regulatory issues and building performance training. SWA works closely with architects, owners, developers, builders, and local, state, and federal agencies to develop and apply sustainable, ‘whole building’ strategies in a variety of market sectors: commercial, multifamily, residential, educational, and institutional.

Some areas of expertise offered are energy analysis and modeling, energy audits and diagnostics, energy design and strategic planning, energy commissioning, performance testing, green conceptual planning, green specifications, LEED consulting and certifications, research and development, building science, design, accessibility and consulting.


Helki Roundtree, Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]
307 Seventh Avenue, Ste. 1701,
New York, NY 10001

SunWize Technologies, Inc.

Whether you are a local independent installer, a company needing power for remote equipment or looking for grid tie solar for your home or business, SunWize has a solar energy solution for you. Since 1992, SunWizeLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. has been a leader in solar product distribution and manufacturing and highly regarded for complete commitment to our customers' satisfaction. We operate manufacturing and distribution facilities on the east and west coasts and sales offices throughout North America. From component distribution to engineered systems, SunWize offers high quality, field proven solutions providing reliable solar electric power.


David Holt, Senior Director Sales
1155 Flatbush Road
Kingston, NY 12401

Taitem Engineering

 Taitem EngineeringLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. is a consulting firm based in Ithaca, NY, specializing in mechanical, electrical, and structural design, energy studies, and energy research. Founded in 1989, the firm has completed over 250 design projects, for which it has recently received three design awards. The company has experience on many LEED green design projects, including one of the first LEED buildings in Steuben County and Gateway Commons Apartments in Ithaca, which received a LEED silver certification. "Taitem" stands for "Technology As If The Earth Mattered," reflecting the firm's commitment to the environment.

Taitem Engineering also undertakes consulting services in the area of energy services, including energy audits and energy research. The company earned the national R&D100 award for its work in developing residential energy software, currently used throughout New York State for the state's energy programs, as well as statewide in Maine, Washington, and New Hampshire. Its staff includes three licensed professional engineers, four LEED-accredited professionals, three certified multifamily building energy auditors, a certified energy manager, a master plumber, and a master electrician.


Ian M Shapiro, PE, President
[email protected]
110 South Albany Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

Thermo-Control Heating LTD

Thermo-Control Heating LTD Link opens in new window - close new window
to return to this page. For over 39 years Thermo-Control wood burning furnaces and boilers have been known for high efficiency. This reputation is a result of properly engineered combustion techniques. All units are manufactured under exacting quality control standards with your safety and comfort the ultimate goal! Our products are produced in our warehouse in Howes Cave NY. We are one of the few manufactures left in America; a fact we are very proud of.


Timothy Deats, President
[email protected]
129 Goodfellow Lane
Howes Cave, NY 12092

Thermorise, Inc.

A Thermorise, Inc. 50 percent Energy Efficient Fin Tube Coil heat exchanger, will reduce compressor H.P., Fan H.P., O.E.M. cost and consumer operating cost by 50 percent, all in one sweep; many more unique/exclusive attributes!


Hemant Kale, President
[email protected]
8253 Sugarland Dr.
Manlius, NY 13104

UCS, Inc.

UCS is an energy consulting company that has been providing service to C&I customers for over 15 years. We formed one of the first large commercial buyers groups at the onset of retail access in NYC and have been involved with the Downstate Retail Gas and Electric Markets since their inception.

In addition to assisting C&I customers in the purchasing of retail commodity electricity, natural gas, and oil, we also provide assistance in all types of areas relating to energy efficiency, we have particular expertise in the areas of retail rates and regulatory matters, automated and fleet energy control, CH&P and have recently secured co-funding for one of our clients in the installation of such equipment.

We also assist commercial redistribution customers in the performance of connected load surveys to ensure proper billing of energy costs for rent inclusion tenants. We also provide a variety of energy efficiency studies to our clients and assist them in participating in the demand reduction program in coordination with ECS.


John Flood, President
[email protected]
8 Woodland Drive
Oak Ridge NJ 07438

Windo-Therm LLC

Windo- ThermLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. manufacturers Advanced Energy Panels (AEPs) which are double glazed, interior, window insulating panels. They are an aluminum framed, thin film technology and are stronger, lighter and a better insulator than glass or Plexiglas. AEPs air seal and insulate a window bringing a single glazed window to an Energy Star level of efficiency. They promise instant comfort improvement and energy savings with a return on investment in less than five years. They are the product of choice for historic windows and can be used on a window of any shape or size. AEPs have been eligible for utility rebates in many situations and are approved for NYSERDA's Energy Smart Loan and Smart Equipment Choices Programs. AEPs have bee featured on the Discovery channel, in Building Green and NY House magazine and more.


Jim Devine
PO Box 405
Hoosick Falls, NY 100290

Ziphany LLC

 Ziphany is an independent, privately-owned energy software and meter installation services company. The company provides turnkey, back-office solutions to Utilities, Demand Response Providers, deregulated Electric & Natural Gas Energy Marketers, and Energy Services Companies. By providing comprehensive, targeted software and professional installation services throughout the U.S. and Canada, Ziphany equips its customers with the tools they need to reliably take their business from spreadsheet to enterprise.


Alisa Smith, Business Development Representative
[email protected]
410 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202