NASA Collaborates with Ceralink, Models Support Energy-Saving Microwave Technologies

Ceralink - Troy, NY

October 01, 2012

The Kennedy Space Station awarded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding to Troy, New York-based Ceralink Inc., a leader in the development of microwave processing technologies, to demonstrate a microwave system that could heat lunar soil to over 2,000˚F, temperatures high enough to solidify the surface. The company performed demonstrations using microwave technology, which could be incorporated into a roving lunar system, to heat the surface of a large bed of 8-inch deep lunar soil and avoid the issues of sticky and dangerous lunar dust that the space program commonly encounters when operating on the moon. This technology has the ability to significantly reduce energy consumption in many industrial process techniques that could use microwave curing.

“When you heat the dust, it densifies or melts, becoming glassy and hard,” says Holly Shulman, President and CTO of Ceralink. “The technology could potentially be used to make miles of road on the Moon. The Technology also has potential in many industrial processes."

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Information on NYSERDA's Research and Development Projects with this company: Ceralink

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