Orthogonal Announces Major Partnership

Orthogonal - Rochester, NY

December 01, 2011

Orthogonal has successfully partnered with AZ Electronic Materials in a joint development program for the production of high performing organic electronics. The effort builds on the advanced materials capabilities of each company, combining Orthogonal’s cutting edge OSCoR photoresist product line with AZ’s technical expertise and market-leading position serving the global display industry. The two companies will jointly develop and cross-license advanced materials’ synthesis technologies for producing photoresists, which will allow display manufacturers to fabricate the highest performing organic electronics while utilizing their existing manufacturing infrastructures.

Orthogonal has been successful in securing two SBIR Phase I grants as well as two SBIR Phase II grants totaling $1.3 million. The SBIR awards focus on enabling large-scale manufacturing of organic electronic devices using photolithography and creating hybrid organic/inorganic circuits on film also using photolithography. The Phase II awards are aimed at enabling large-scale manufacturing of organic devices through the use of photolithography and creation of flexible organic circuits for e-reader applications.

The company has received $200,000 in NYSERDA product development support.

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