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New York State: A National Leader in Cleantech


New York State is committed to growing cleantech and ranks nationally in the top five states for many key cleantech economic indicators, according to data in the 2015 New York State Clean Energy Technologies Innovation Metrics Report.

NYSERDA debuted its first baseline metrics report in 2012, and New York has maintained or improved its standing in many of these indicators three years later, as indicated in the 2015 report.

Highlights and Rankings for 2015

New York State has a nurturing environment that spurs new cleantech business to become successful companies. Notably, since 2012, New York cleantech companies jumped to 5th from 11th in cleantech venture capital dollars attracted.

The new report shows that a number of cleantech startups that benefited from NYSERDA’s funding for regional cleantech incubators and other types of startup assistance are now poised for growth. Some of these successful companies, including Havelide Systems, Wind Analytics, and Palantiri Systems, are highlighted.

The following indicators track how well New York’s companies and universities and government labs are generating new ideas, clean technologies, intellectual property, and venture capital compared to other states.

Download highlights of the report [PDF]

Research & Innovation

  • 3rd in total university R&D expenditures
  • 3rd in the number of clean technology patents awarded
  • 3rd in competitive R&D funding ($940 million) from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
  • 5th in battery/energy storage patents

Business Environment

  • 2nd in science, technology, engineering, and math degrees granted
  • 3rd in total venture capital dollars invested
  • 3rd in energy infrastructure patents (e.g., power transmission, smart grid, and smart meters)
  • 5th in cleantech venture capital dollars invested ($566 million in 2014 and $11 billion from 2010-2014)

Industry Development

  • 3rd in Technology Fast 500 companies (a ranking of private technology companies in North America by revenue growth)
  • 3rd in private sector Green Goods and Service jobs
  • 4th in the number of cleantech companies, with noted strength in solar, energy efficiency and advanced materials

Clean Energy Market

  • 2nd largest budget for electric and gas efficiency ($889 million in 2014)
  • 4th in the number of alternative fuel vehicles
  • 5th in total renewable energy consumption (410 million Btu, 11% of the State’s total energy consumption)
  • 6th in the total number of net metering customers


Download the Building a Cleantech Economy in New York Infographic [PDF]

Download the 2015 NYS Clean Energy Technologies Innovation Metrics Report [PDF]

Download the NYS Clean Energy Technologies Innovation Metrics Report 2012 [PDF]

Defining Cleantech

The term “clean technology,” or cleantech, refers to technologies that generate commercial benefits to customers while addressing environmental concerns, such as global climate change, sustainability, and energy security.

As defined by Kachan & Co. (2012), it spans many vertical industries and includes technologies that fall into the following eight categories: renewable energy generation, energy storage, efficiency (energy and building), transportation, air and environment (emissions, recycling and waste), clean industry (design, materials, and production), water, and agriculture. This report focuses on cleantech energy and has chosen to exclude specific metrics on environment, water, and agriculture.