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RFP 2821 New York State Strategic Fuel Reserve Pilot Program


New York State relies on the continuous availability and resupply of transportation fuels to maintain public safety, commerce and the well-being and economic vitality of its citizens, businesses, and governments. Superstorm Sandy damaged petroleum fuel assets and caused prolonged power outages throughout the New York metropolitan region, resulting in significant disruption to the availability and resupply of petroleum fuels. Per the recommendations of the NYS Ready and Respond Commissions and as directed in the Governor’s State of the State agenda, NYSERDA is exploring the development of a Strategic Fuel Reserve (SFR). The purpose of the SFR is to bridge the gap in a supply disruption, until an adequate level of market deliveries can be restored. Any use of the SFR will be as a supplement to market deliveries that are maintained during an emergency recovery; SFR fuel resources will not be used in a manner to disrupt or interfere with market-based activities.

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