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RFP 2675 - Property Management Services


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) requests proposals from firms interested in providing full service, comprehensive professional building management services to maintain and preserve the grounds and building located at 17 Columbia Circle in Albany, New York.

  • Summary of Revisions [PDF]
  • Summary [PDF]
  • All files (including attachments) [PDF]
  • Attachment A: Proposal Checklist [PDF]
  • Attachment B: Disclosure of Prior Findings of Non-Responsibility [PDF]
  • Attachment C: Cost Proposal & Instructions [PDF]
  • Attachment D: Sample Agreement [PDF]
  • Attachment E: Exhibit E [PDF]
  • Attachment F: Provisions for Solicitation Documents [PDF]
  • Attachment G: Executive Order No. 4 [PDF]
  • Attachment H: Executive Order No. 88 [PDF]

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