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RFP 2628 - Establishment of a New York Climate Change Science Clearinghouse


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is seeking proposals to support the design, development, implementation, management and maintenance of a web-based New York Climate Change Science Clearinghouse (NYCCSC). The NYCCSC will compile and coordinate scientific data and literature that will assist New York State in achieving its climate change adaptation and mitigation goals. The NYCCSC will provide user-friendly, web-based public access to data and literature related to climate change science that is relevant to New York State. The NYCCSC will also serve as an academic climate change data and literature clearinghouse that will support climate change research activities of state agencies, authorities, municipalities, private business and the insurance industry. Proposals that build on existing efforts and leverage significant co-funding and facilitate the long-term availability of data are preferred.

  • Summary [PDF]
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  • Attachment A-1: Acceptance of Standard Terms and Conditions [PDF]
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