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PON 2755 Electric Vehicle-Enabling Technology Demonstration Program


The Electric Vehicle-Enabling Technology Demonstration Program (the Program) seeks research and demonstration proposals that demonstrate new technologies and approaches to accelerate the market adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and make PEV infrastructure easier to use and more economically viable in New York State. Total available funding is $2 million. All, some, or none, of the available funding may be allocated.

In funding this solicitation, NYSERDA seeks to advance technologies, strategies, business models, behavioral approaches, and policy ideas that support the expansion of the PEV market and PEV industry in New York State. NYSERDA is interested in projects that will study and/or demonstrate existing technologies, or combinations of technologies, and strategies that have not been applied to the PEV market or have not been demonstrated in New York. Of particular interest are technologies and strategies that can integrate PEVs into the electric grid, enable long-distance PEV travel, and ease financial and regulatory obstacles to PEV adoption. Proposals should focus on research, results, or strategies that can be transferred and implemented throughout the State in the near term to advance PEV acceptance.

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