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  • Data and Reports
    These materials provide information to help stakeholders make informed decisions about EVs and EV charging equipment.
    Last Modified: 7/25/2016
  • Resources
    Last Modified: 6/11/2018
  • Resources
    Last Modified: 7/2/2019
  • Resources
    Last Modified: 7/1/2019
  • Net Zero Resources
    Net Zero energy homes resources.
    Last Modified: 3/20/2018
  • Resources
    Handy resources to learn about the benefits of purchasing a New York ENERGY STAR Certified Home.
    Last Modified: 5/31/2016

    Last Modified: 6/14/2018
  • On-site Energy Manager Resources
    Last Modified: 7/9/2019
  • Resources
    This collection of resources provides information to help your school achieve its clean energy goals.
    Last Modified: 12/11/2018

    Last Modified: 8/22/2018
  • Resources
    Last Modified: 6/5/2019
  • Resources
    Last Modified: 1/22/2019
  • Resources
    These resources include information on everything from understanding your campus’s current energy use to implementing clean energy projects, as well as additional challenge opportunities available to colleges and universities.
    Last Modified: 7/21/2017

    Last Modified: 6/12/2018

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