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LED Street Lighting Academy: Understanding Impacts on the Public

NYSERDA is a sponsor of this event.


NYSERDA and The Lighting Research Center (LRC) of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are teaming up for the LED Street Lighting Academy – a series of four (4) monthly webinars to educate local governments on LED street lighting options and better prepare municipal decision-makers for interacting with contractors and the public.

This seminar will present information on the human-factor considerations of LED street lighting. The goal of the presentation is to assist municipal decision makers to better understand the interaction of street lighting and people. Topics that will be covered in the seminar include color consideration of LED street lighting (color appearance of the light as well as of illuminated objects/people), brightness perception, safety, security, crime prevention, implications of LED street lighting for human health and wellbeing, and interaction of LED street lighting and economic development. The seminar will also discuss adaptive street lighting, and intelligent/connected LED street lighting control systems and strategies. Please register using the link below.


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