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LED Street Lighting Academy: Talking Tech - How LED Street Lights Compare

NYSERDA is a sponsor of this event.


NYSERDA and The Lighting Research Center (LRC) of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are teaming up for the LED Street Lighting Academy – a series of four (4) monthly webinars to educate local governments on LED street lighting options and better prepare municipal decision-makers for interacting with contractors and the public.

This seminar will present an overview of LED street lighting technology, systems, and products. The goal of the presentation is to assist municipal decision makers to critically analyze LED products under consideration, and select the best products to meet their project goals and objectives. Information will include light distribution characteristics of various LED street lighting product types, as well as accurately determining wattage equivalents for existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) street lights. Presenters will discuss system life, failure mechanisms, and maintenance requirements. The presentation will also include a checklist of important questions to ask contractors when considering purchase and installation of new street lighting equipment. Please register using the link below.


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