WindWise Education Curriculum Download

WindWise is a comprehensive interdisciplinary wind energy curriculum that fosters critical thinking skills at both the middle and high school levels. Every lesson has an inquiry-based introduction and a hands-on activity to develop analytical skills. The WindWise curriculum provides standards-based lessons in wind energy for grades 6 - 12 in core subjects including Physics, Technology, Earth Science, Life Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

For more information about WindWise lessons, teacher training, lab and activity kits, special events or networking with other educators, visit the Kidwind Project.

WindWise Features

  • Standards-based lessons for middle and high school
  • Ready-made lab and activity kits, worksheets and answer keys
  • Case studies and profiles of professionals
  • Covers physics, technology, earth science, life science, math, language arts and social studies

WindWise Lessons

A Note on Lesson Use

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