K-12 Energy Smart Schools

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A productive learning environment is a safe and comfortable space. It has an abundance of natural light, ventilation, efficient equipment, and sustainable operations that increase comfort while saving money.

Through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), K-12 school districts throughout the State have access to programs that offer information, and financial incentives to make schools healthier and more productive learning environments.

Many schools are interested in using performance contracting to implement needed upgrades for their facilities and achieve energy savings. This sample Request for Proposal [DOC] can help the school select the best Energy Service Company for their project. Districts are encouraged to make whatever changes and customizations necessary to fit their specific needs.

For examples of what other schools in New York State have done to reduce their energy use, please see our booklet Recognizing Excellence in Energy, Management and Sustainability [PDF].

NYSERDA Programs

Interested in Energy Education?

  • School Power Naturally - Solar and wind education designed to educate New Yorkers about energy, and, in particular, the role solar electric power – photovoltaics, or PV – and wind power generation can play in providing clean energy for our homes, schools, and workplaces.
  • Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection resource page for teachers and students – explore the world of power generation and how it affects you and the environment.

Interested in Renewable Energy?

Interested in Alternate – Fuel and Reduced-Emission Vehicle Programs?

  • Visit NYSERDA's Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Program page for more information on how NYSERDA encourages fleets to purchase alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs) and install fueling facilities or charging stations.

Interested in Technical and Financial Assistance Through NYSERDA?

NYSERDA is dedicated to providing objective technical and financial assistance to New York 's K-12 schools. The program assists New York 's school administrators and facility managers in building and maintaining school buildings that provide a safe, healthy, and energy-efficient environment learning environment.

The following list represents the Program Opportunity Notices (PONs), and other forms of assistance available for eligible school districts.

Case Studies

Interested in Assistance From LIPA and NYPA?

  • LIPA provides informational resources, guidance, incentives, and renewable energy to its customers. School officials should be aware that they can access LIPA funding and assistance from NYPA at the same time. For information, please visit Long Island Power (LIPA)Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. or call 1-800-692-2626.
  • NYPA offers a turn-key approach to energy services including, audit, design, construction and financing of an energy services project. The project financing is offered at a low-interest rate and repaid through sharing the project’s energy savings, after which the participants retain all the energy savings. For more information, please visit New York Power AuthorityLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. or call or call NYPA's business development office at 518-433-6734.

Contact Us

For further information please contact NYSERDA toll-free at 1-866-NYSERDA, or email to: info@nyserda.ny.gov