How sustainability can build longer lines at the register

40% of Americans say they visit a retail store to learn about a product, intending only to buy it online. It’s called “showrooming.” How can brick-and-mortar stores compete? The right energy efficiency measures can improve the in-store experience, enticing people to come and buy in your store, which helps grow your business.

Sustainability is an investment in customer loyalty

71% of companies say sustainability activities prove beneficial to brand enhancement. Reducing your company’s overall carbon footprint and demonstrating your commitment to sustainability can help you gain respect and support from your customers. Let the experts help guide you through the process.


Increase customer comfort

45% of retailers credit green building activities for increased customer satisfaction. Adjusting the lighting and climate creates comfortable, exciting stores that inspire more customers to visit brick-and-mortar stores rather than shop online. Find out where to start.

Making a difference in your community

Sustainability influences shoppers who are concerned about the impact of big-box stores in their neighborhood. They like the idea of using local, ecofriendly renewable resources to retrofit or construct a store that contributes value to their community.


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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Program

Promotes installation of clean, efficient, and commercially available combined heat and power (CHP) systems up to 3 MW with pre-approved vendors and a catalog of system options. Also supports the installation of custom engineered CHP systems from 1 MW to 3 MW.

NY Prize

A first-in-the-nation competition to help communities create microgrids - standalone energy systems that can operate independently in the event of a power outage.


See It in Action


Market 32 continues long-term partnership in energy efficiency

The supermarket chain (formerly Price Chopper) reports saving time and money at their headquarters and 13 stores across New York by implementing proven energy efficiency measures alongside new and emerging technologies—including installing the first 400-kW fuel cell available in North America at the store in Colonie. It provides at least 60% of the power for that store.