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A healthy, energy-efficient facility is a critical part of patient care.

Enhance patient care through sustainability

Hospital officials report that their number one priority is to improve the patient experience. Energy efficiency projects can help achieve this objective while allowing you to invest in even better patient care. For example, replacing aging, inefficient HVAC units can improve patient comfort by reducing noise and improving overall air conditioning and quality so patients can rest. Managing energy-intensive medical technology can save money that can be used elsewhere.

Schedule an energy check-up for your facility

61% of consumers see innovations in treatment and services as healthcare system strengths. Spending less on energy allows hospital administrators to redirect funds toward improving treatment and services for patients. Find out from experts what energy efficiency measures will help your facility to better care for patients.

Sustainable facilities help keep staff

Within the next 10 years, approximately 40% of doctors and one-third of nurses will retire, creating shortages of skilled medical professionals. 65% of healthcare decision makers say sustainability is key to recruitment. Sustainable facilities can also play a role in recruiting medical professional staff.


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Combined Heat and Power Systems

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide on-site electric power, heating and cooling from a single fuel source. This efficient power generation technology is also called cogeneration. Conventional power generation plants create heat as a byproduct and expel it as waste into the atmosphere. In contrast, CHP systems recover that waste heat and use it to operate industrial processes, heat domestic hot water, and provide space heating and cooling.

NY Prize

Helps communities create microgrids - standalone energy systems that can operate independently in the event of a power outage - through a first-in-the-nation competition.


See It in Action


St. Joseph’s Hospital Took a Proactive, Systems Approach to Sustainability

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center incorporated energy efficiency as part of their capital planning and is realizing the benefits of increased efficiency.


Download: St. Joseph’s Hospital Center Case Study  (PDF 534.9 KB)