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Data Centers


Top strategies for optimizing operations

$5,600 is the average per minute cost of data center downtime. Energy efficiency projects can play an integral part in ensuring reliability, resiliency, and growth.

Reduce energy consumption, maximize uptime

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Making energy efficiency investments and managing peak demand saves you money. And these approaches also help you to better manage operating costs, energy resources, and capital upgrade plans. The end result is satisfied customers with more reliable service.

Team up with an expert

An energy professional who knows data centers run 24/7/365 can guide you through addressing the efficiency issues that are important to you, including greener technology. ... MORE

Key areas include:

  • Air flow management 
  • Chillers and cooling systems 
  • Uninterruptable power supplies
  • Server load prioritization and optimization 
  • Storage consolidation
  • Virtualization

Grow your business with savings

Global data traffic is expected to triple by 2017. How do you plan to deal with the trend? Raising uninterruptable power supply system energy efficiency levels by a few percent could result in millions of dollars in annual savings. That’s just one way energy efficiency could save you money that you can re-invest into making your business more productive.


See It in Action


EarthLink data center reduces its environmental footprint

Incorporating environmental responsibility into its business model has consistently helped EarthLink grow in an energy-efficient manner.