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Current Signatories


Working together to make low-cost, high performing building solutions more accessible for all building owners.

Since its launch, the RetrofitNY Pledge has already gained significant momentum. Many building owners have already demonstrated their commitment to moving the market toward adopting more progressive and innovative building product solutions that meet the demands for cleaner, healthier, energy efficient, and more comfortable buildings. See the chart below for an up-to-date list of current signatories.

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Let us know if you are interested in learning more or signing the Pledge by contacting us at retrofitny@nyserda.ny.gov. The RetrofitNY team will provide a consultation for building owners looking to add their name to the Pledge.

Signatory Portfolio Size (units) Why We Signed
Aker Companies 154 Sustainable construction and energy consumption.
Baldwin Real Estate Development Corp/DiMarco Group 3,506 Sustainable designs using energy efficient material and building techniques are not only important for the environment, but also provide a better quality of apartment living while reducing operating expenses for owners and residents.
Baxter Building Corp 330 Make the cost of net-zero energy more affordable to build.
Catholic Charities Progress of Peoples Development Corporation 4,330 With over 4,300 units in the Catholic Charities POP Development affordable housing portfolio, it is of critical importance to evaluate and implement innovative sustainable approaches to retrofit as our housing stock matures.
Christopher Community, Inc 2,782 Bringing reduced energy cost to affordable housing is important to us.
Conifer Realty, LLC 7,000 Operational savings and energy efficiency.
Fairstead 12,000 We see this as very useful sustainable technology and product, which we could potentially utilize across a significant portion of our properties.
Fifth Avenue Committee, Inc 454 FAC is a nonprofit comprehensive community development corporation working to advance social and economic justice and works to make our communities more equitable, sustainable, inclusive, and just.
Home Leasing 2,653 As a certified B Corp, we are committed to green buildings.
Hudson River Housing, Inc   1,500  Hudson River Housing is committed to green design and net-zero energy usage. We are also excited to see the future cost benefits of this program.
Kearney Realty & Development Group 1,600 Making older elements of our portfolio more energy efficient.
Lantern Organization 1,617 To fight the climate crises while strengthening the financial performance of our portfolio.
Lindsey Todd, LLC 100 We are committed to improving energy efficiency of our older buildings.
Marathon Development Group, LTD 1,815 Development and renovation of affordable multifamily properties.
MHANY Management, Inc 2,200 Energy Saving = Cost Saving & addresses health of our residents.
Michaels Development Company 55,000 Reinvestment in our existing assets is critical for our model of long-term ownership and management. Enhancing energy efficiency is an important component in the rehabilitation of our properties and greatly benefits residents and the broader community.
New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) 169,820 NYCHA is focused on improving residents’ quality of life while using net-zero energy solutions to decarbonize out buildings. NYCHA’s scale allows to create and drive markets, create hiring and training opportunities for NYCHA residents.
Norstar Development USA, L.P. 5,748 Energy efficiency measures and sustainable design are not only important for the environment, but also directly reduce operating costs for owners and tenants.
Omni New York, LLC 11,840 We are always looking for environmentally friendly alternatives and efficiencies for our properties.
Preservation of Affordable Housing 11,907 Technology that improved health, saves operational costs and maintenance costs during its life, reduces impacts on the environment will always be important to our organization.
Providence Housing Development Corporation 1.000 Keeping energy cost down is an important strategy that allows us to keep rents affordable.
RiseBoro Community Partnership 2,000 Reduced cost of utilities, improved quality of life for tenants.
Rochester’s Cornerstone Group 116 Helping the State achieve energy usage targets, and to further our organization’s sustainability goals.
Rock Property Management Company 382 Promote best practices in our industry while addressing national and global issues.
Selfhelp Realty Group, Inc 1,105 We want to make our buildings energy efficient. It’s good for the world, for our health, for our pocketbook.
St. Nicks Alliance 1,400 St. Nicks Alliance has been developing, preserving, and managing affordable housing in North and Central Brooklyn communities since 1975. It is our responsibility as invested owners, to increase at scale the energy efficiencies, and long-term affordability, of our portfolio. With the experience and expertise that will come from working alongside NYSERDA and our design partners, we will create a replicable model that will be used into the future to reduce our portfolio's reliance on fossil fuels and reduce its operating costs to maintain our deep affordability through increased efficiencies.
Syracuse Housing Authority 2,500 To promote development of cost-effective solutions for our existing exterior building envelopes.
The Bluestone Organization 1,046 Efficiency, sustainability, and reducing our carbon footprint are main tenets of our company’s mission.
The Hudson Companies Inc 12,600 Hudson is always looking for new and innovative strategies to maximize the energy efficiency and sustainability of our properties and that includes exploring improvements to envelopes and building systems of existing buildings.
Toronto Community Housing Corporation 58,860 In order to achieve commitments to energy savings and improve the comfort of our tenants.
Trinity Financial, Inc 9,500 Being part of the affordable housing community, Trinity Financial always attempts to make projects as sustainable as possible. Highly energy efficient buildings provide sustainability not just to our environment, but also to our tenants through a healthier interior living environment and reduced utility costs.
Vesta Corporation 196 Energy efficiency, reduced operational costs, reduce carbon footprint.
Volmar Construction, Inc 500 Aim for operational efficiency and improvement in quality of life in NYC.
West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing  420 To promote sustainability, affordability, and healthy homes.
Wilder Balter Partners, Inc 3,300 We are interested in upgrading our older communities with net-zero energy solutions.
WinnCompanies 13,220 Decarbonization goals must be met with new and improved approaches to renovating existing buildings. More cost effective and streamlined technical solutions, coupled with knowledge and buy-in across the housing, construction, and finance industries, will help put our portfolio on track to achieving more meaningful carbon reduction goals.