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RetrofitNY Program


NYSERDA is supporting the demonstration of scalable solutions that will improve the aesthetic and comfort of New York’s buildings while setting them on a path to electrification and decarbonization.

NYSERDA is forging partnerships between building owners and leading manufacturers and solution providers to make carbon-neutral retrofits a cost-effective investment. Funded projects will demonstrate transformative technologies to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, providing replicable pathways for existing multifamily buildings to decarbonize. 

Building Owners

We're working with building owners on strategies that demonstrate a path to carbon neutral buildings and how you can incorporate these solutions as a part of a planned, upcoming capital investment project. 

Why Should You Consider Building Decarbonization?

  • Avoid Possible Future Penalties: Stay ahead of New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act and position your buildings to gain carbon credit value in future carbon trading markets.
  • Increased Property Value: Improve the value of your property and its marketability to tenants.
  • Improved Tenant Satisfaction: Creating healthier, more comfortable living spaces can reduce service calls and tenant turnover. 

Solution Providers & Component Manufacturers

New York’s clean energy transition is spurring demand for carbon-neutral technologies and energy efficiency upgrades, especially in multifamily buildings. But multifamily buildings and affordable housing face unique challenges to electrification and deep energy retrofits, including upfront costs and space constraints.

Forging public-private partnerships is critical to overcoming these barriers and advancing and scaling building decarbonization solutions in this growing market. This collaboration will also bring together leading real estate portfolio owners and solution providers to advance low-carbon retrofits and help transform New York’s building stock for a more resilient future.

NYSERDA is looking for solution providers and component manufacturers that can deliver scalable carbon-neutral retrofit solutions for multifamily buildings, such as:

  • Building envelope systems – Highly durable and low-cost, high-performance exterior envelope retrofit technologies and components.
  • Mechanical systems – All electric mechanical systems capable of delivering heating, cooling, ventilation, dehumidification, and domestic hot water to individual apartments.
  • Whole building energy performance monitoring systems – A system that captures building performance data and in-unit data and delivers this data to building owners, operators, and more. The system captures, at a minimum, in-unit data such as CO2 and relative humidity levels, and mechanical system data such as energy use and run times.

Current Market Support

NYSERDA is seeking to establish partnerships with owners, developers, and managers of multi-family buildings, and solution providers who are willing to work together to test scalable approaches to decarbonize multifamily buildings, with a focus on holistic, phased approaches to remove on-site fossil fuels and decarbonize thermal systems. If you would like additional information, email us at [email protected].


Access reports that provide insights into deep energy retrofits and decarbonization of New York’s multifamily housing stock. From case studies to market analyses, this information is intended to help multifamily property owners and portfolio managers make informed decisions on carbon-neutral retrofits.


From demonstration projects to industry expert insights and best practices, our articles are a go-to resource for carbon-neutral retrofits and multifamily building decarbonization.  

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  • NextGen Innovation Challenge: Funding the development of the next generation solutions through the NextGen Innovation Challenge. NYSERDA is providing funding to manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and other innovators to develop energy efficient building technologies that support New York State’s energy saving and carbon reduction goals.
  • U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Building Construction Initiative: Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. The U.S. DOE is providing funding awards toward the development of cost-effective deep energy retrofit solutions that tackle a combination of envelope and HVAC issues, similar to the challenges that have impacted RetrofitNY projects to date. NYSERDA is partnering with the DOE to ensure that solutions meet the challenge of scaling carbon neutral solutions in the residential property segment.