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RetrofitNY Benefits

Multifamily houses

Improving the efficiency of New York’s affordable housing will bring value to communities, businesses, and families across the State. While making homes more energy efficient may reduce residents’ household budgets or make more livable and comfortable homes, the benefits go far beyond energy savings alone. RetrofitNY will also produce a new model for economic growth that mobilizes vital innovations in the building industry to create new jobs and financing opportunities—all while dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions statewide.

If you run an architecture or construction firm, own an affordable multifamily building, or work in the financial sector, RetrofitNY represents an exciting opportunity for your business and its growth. To find out more about how RetrofitNY can benefit your organization, select the option below that best describes your business:

  • Property Owners and Developers—Affordable building owners, housing authorities, and affordable housing developers
  • Solution Providers—Architects, engineers, builders, manufacturers, suppliers, high-performance building consultants, solar professionals, and more
  • Lending Organizations and Regulators—Affordable housing financing and regulatory agencies, mortgage insurers, appraisers, tax equity providers, CDFIs, venture capital and private equity firms, and non-profits

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