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Building Owners Will Shape Our Clean Energy Future


Imagine a world where you didn’t need to choose between energy efficiency and cost. Where the highest performing building solutions are easily accessible and meet your building’s needs. Where the construction process and timeline of a high-performance building retrofit is much more efficient than a typical renovation.

NYSERDA’s RetrofitNY program aims to make this vision a reality in New York State and beyond. By developing an industrialized process for building renovations, RetrofitNY will enable much higher performing buildings at cost effective price points enabling feasibility for owners. However, for this to be possible, we need the help of building owners to show their support for more advanced cost-effective solutions. Now there is a way to take action.

Where building owners come in

Recently launched, the RetrofitNY Pledge is a formal call to manufacturers demonstrating a desire from building owners to access more affordable, high performance building solutions. Each signature helps build momentum to move manufacturers toward developing and making these solutions available. It sends a signal to the industry that owners care about sustainability and the well-being of residents and want to be a leader in the market when these solutions become available. It also sends a signal of strong market demand enabling the supply side industry to lower costs.

No risk, high reward

By signing the Pledge, building owners making an aspirational commitment to install cost-effective carbon neutral retrofit solutions assuming they meet project requirements and criteria, but it is not a binding obligation. Building owners won’t risk anything if extenuating circumstances prevent them from using these innovative solutions. They can, however, be satisfied in knowing that they played a critical role in helping to move manufacturers to make these solutions more accessible to the overall market.

Join the movement

Ready to make New York’s clean energy future a reality? Take the first step today.

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