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Large Commercial Pellet Boiler


Incentives are available for high-efficiency, low-emission pellet boiler heating systems in new and existing facilities. A pellet boiler heating system includes a high-efficiency pellet-fired boiler, thermal energy storage, outdoor pellet storage, and necessary control systems. The pellet boiler(s) heating system must be installed in an efficient manner and displace boiler fuel-use at facilities not currently using natural gas (such as oil, propane, and coal). Incentives are offered under this large commercial program to offset the installed system costs for systems with thermal output over 300 MBtu/h (88 kW).


System Type Incentive Maximum Incentive per Facility
Pellet Boiler
Output over 300 MBtu/h (88kW)
65% of Total Installed Cost $325,000
Tandem* Pellet Boilers
Output over 300 MBtu/h (88kW)
75% of Total Installed Cost $450,000

*A tandem boiler installation includes two or more smaller pellet boilers rather than one large pellet boiler and can minimize cycling to maintain efficiency, emissions, and maintenance costs in certain installations.

Incentives are based on the installed project costs. 60% of the incentive will be paid based on proof of installation. The remaining 40% will be paid at the end of the Commissioning period and when acceptable performance has been achieved.

Renewable Heat NY (RHNY) will provide up to $40,000 for pollution control on eligible boilers at K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, and other buildings with sensitive populations. 

How to Apply

For rules and detailed instructions on how to apply please refer to the Program Manual [PDF].