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Ask us Anything - RTEM Data Request


Valuable RTEM data is available to help answer your questions about the benefits and challenges of RTEM.

Through the RTEM program, our data team has collected data from more than 800 buildings across New York State. We believe this information is valuable and can help improve your buildings, energy management practices, and project planning.

Please submit RTEM questions that may be of help to you or your organization. We will provide answers based on project reports and building data. All program data has been anonymized to ensure all identifiable information is protected.

Please submit your questions by filling out the below form. We will do our best to review available RTEM project data and provide an answer for you as soon as we can.

Sample questions we would be able to answer using this data service include: 

  • What are the top ECMs for commercial office buildings? For multifamily buildings? For K-12 schools? 
  • What is the range of project costs for buildings greater than 400,000 sq.ft.? 
  • What can I expect as payback from a RTEM project for a building that already has benefited from recent upgrades? 
  • What is the range of savings expected from optimizing run hours of central plants? 
  • What type of properties or building types had the most optimizing run hours recommendations? 
  • What is the range of savings expected from FDD measures? 
  • What type of properties or building types generated the most FDD opportunities? 
  • What kind of HVAC plant/equipment had the most ECMs? Savings?