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Fuel Cell (Stationary) Program

NYSERDA’s Stationary Fuel Cell Program aims to quickly increase the amount of electricity produced by fuel cell systems in New York State. By providing $15 million over two years, NYSERDA will help reduce the upfront costs of installing and operating fuel cells and support commercially viable fuel cell systems that help lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Fuel cell systems may decrease a facility’s energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Facilities with stationary fuels cells capable of grid independence are more resistant to outages, while also making the grid more reliable and stable overall.


NYSERDA will provide $7.5 million a year for two years for a total of $15 million to support new installations of stationary fuel cell systems at eligible sites. No system or customer can receive more than $1 million from NYSERDA.

Incentives are divided into two main categories:

  • Total Base Incentives, which include base incentives determined by installed capacity, and grid independent incentives based on the capability for operating when there are outages
  • Bonus Incentives which are based on location of the site and whether the site is deemed to be critical infrastructure

Complete information on incentives is available on page 3 of the solicitation [PDF].


Applicants seeking to install new commercially available fuel cell systems with a nameplate capacity greater than 25 kW and an intended operating capacity factor of 50% or greater may apply. An intended total system efficiency of 45% or greater, based on higher heating value of the input fuel, is also necessary. NYSERDA will verify energy generation as part of the incentive payment. The fuel cell system must generate electricity to be primarily consumed where it is installed or in a community distributed generation scenario. The site of the project must be in New York State and the host must pay into the System Benefits Charge (SBC). Successful applicants must also install their NYSERDA-supported fuel cell system at an elevation above a 500-year flood plain.

Complete information on eligibility is available in the solicitation.

How to Apply

Apply NowApply online using NYSERDA’s application portal. Applications close at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on December 31, 2019.

Learn More

All documents for this solicitation are available on the PON 3841 page.


Email with questions about NYSERDA’s Stationary Fuel Cell Program.