Eligible Small Wind Turbines

Only approved turbines are eligible for incentives under NYSERDA’s Small Wind Turbine Program.

NYSERDA is a member of the Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC), established under the Clean Energy States Alliance. ITAC has created a Unified List of Wind Turbines, for turbines with a nameplate rating of less than or equal to 100 kW. NYSERDA requires turbines of this size to be on ITAC's Unified List to be eligible for incentives. NYSERDA reserves the right to impose additional restrictions or relax ITAC’s requirements dependent on program needs.

For turbines with a nameplate rating of greater than 100 kW, the Small Wind Turbine Program Funding Opportunity provides the requirements for eligibility and an Eligible Wind Turbine Application Form. Only commercially-available wind turbines with a proven record for power performance, reliability, safety, and acoustics will be considered for funding. The following table lists the wind turbines that are eligible for a NYSERDA incentive.

Turbines with a nameplate rating of greater than 2 MW are not eligible for incentives under this program.

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Turbines Eligible for Funding through PON 2439
as of 5/1/14 with a Nameplate Rating of > 100 kW

MANUFACTURER MODEL Rotor Diameter (m) kW RATING at 11 M/S
ACSA A27 27 225
Aeronautica 29-225 29 228
Aeronautica 47-750/660 47 794
EWT 54*900 54 900
Gamesa G52-850 52 850
Gamesa G58-850 58 850
PowerWind PowerWind 56 56 900
Vergnet GEV 32 275
Vestas V100–1.8MW 100 1,815
Wind Energy Solutions WES 30 30 250

Neither NYSERDA nor the State of New York endorses any Eligible Installer, Installation Company, or Eligible Wind Turbine. In addition, NYSERDA and the State of New York does not guarantee, warrant, or in any way represent or assume liability for any work proposed or carried out by an eligible installer or installation company.