Worksheet Instructions

  1. Enter your name, the name of your business or enterprise, and the property address in the appropriate fields.
  2. Enter the qualified energy audit number or identifier found on your qualified energy audit.
  3. In the "Energy Conservation Measure Description" field, describe the energy measure identified on your audit that you seek to finance through the Program (ex: Install programmatic thermostat).
  4. In the "Measure Type" field select the measure type that best describes the corresponding energy conservation measure from the drop down list (ex: Controls).
  5. Enter the project cost of the corresponding measure found in your contractor quote.
  6. Enter the annual cost savings for the measure found in your energy audit.
  7. Enter any NYSERDA or utility incentives available for the measure. Please note that utility and NYSERDA incentives cannot be combined for the same measure.
  8. Identify whether the measure is included on NYSERDA's prequalified list. For a listing of prequalified measures by technology select from the links below:
    • Lighting [PDF]
    • HVAC [PDF]
    • Chillers [PDF]
    • Motors [PDF]
    • Interval Meters [PDF]
    • Variable Frequency Drives [PDF]
    • Commercial Refrigeration [PDF]
    • Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Washers [PDF]  
  9. Repeat the process for all measures identified on your audit that you seek to finance through the Program.
  10. Once complete print the page and attach it to your Request for Financing Package.

Please note: The total project cost, annual cost savings, and utility and NYSERDA incentives will be automatically calculated based on your inputs. The eligible loan amount and simple payback for each measure and the project as a whole will also calculate automatically. Your total project must have a simple payback of 15 years of less to be eligible for financing.