Resources and Reports


Energiesprong: The Inspiration for RetrofitNY
Learn more about the successful European program, Energiesprong, that inspired RetrofitNY to adapt this tested and proven model for New York. Founded in 2013, Energiesprong is now in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and, now, New York. Visit Energiesprong to learn about the inspiration for RetrofitNY Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

Directory of Industry Providers
Connect with a manufactures, architect, engineers, and construction firms interested in working together to explore development and deployment of key technologies needed to make RetrofitNY approach scalable. Interested in joining the list, you can sign up online. Download the Directory of Industry Providers [PDF]

Directory of Interested Building Owners
Find building owners who are interested in exploring efficient solutions to business-as-usual renovations for projects entering recapitalization cycles. Interested in joining the list, you can sign up online. Download the Directory of Interested Building Owners [PDF] 


Cost-Effective Solar Strategies for Affordable Housing in New York State 
Learn about cost barriers to adopting solar for affordable multifamily housing and how deep energy retrofits can make it financially viable. Download the Solar Strategies report [PDF].  

Energiesprong: A Dutch Approach to Deep Energy Retrofits and Its Applicability to the New York Market
Explore an assessment of the Netherland’s Energiesprong program’s transferability to the New York State market, conducted by Ian Shapiro of Taitem Engineering. The report identifies recommendations for adopting or modifying the program for New York State. Download the Approach to Deep Energy Retrofits report [PDF].

Market Characterization Study: Building Stock Assessment and Architectural Profiles of Predominant New York State Multifamily Building Types
Learn more about the prevalent building typologies throughout New York State’s multifamily building sector in this joint study by Syracuse University and Pratt Institute. The building inventory assessment and architectural profiles developed for each typology should prove useful to those interested in developing the technologies and processes critical to retrofitting buildings to meet deep energy and net zero performance levels. Download Market Characterization Report [PDF].

Pilot Project Round 1 Final Reports – Successes and Challenges
Access final team reports that highlight the solutions they developed to advance toward net zero retrofits in today’s market, as well as the challenges to overcome to retrofit our residential building stock at scale. Based on the learnings from these six pilot designs, the RetrofitNY team is engaging with industry stakeholders to reduce cost and streamline processes to facilitate cost effective net zero retrofits.

Chris Benedict, RA and RiseBoro Community Partners [PDF] 

  • A four-story, 46-unit building in Brooklyn

Bright Power and Volmar Construction [PDF]

  • A five-story, 42-unit building in the Bronx

King + King Architects and Rock PMC [PDF] 

  • A two-story, eight-unit building in Phoenix outside Syracuse that is part of a five-building campus

SWBR Architects and Conifer Realty [PDF]

  • A two-story, 24-unit building in Portville in the Western NY Region

The International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology (ICAST) and Beacon Communities [PDF]

  • A two-story, six-unit building that is part of a six-building campus in Troy.

The Levy Partnership and Joint Ownership Entity (JOE) NYC [PDF]

  • A six-story, 21-unit building in Harlem.

RetrofitNY: Cost Compression Study (Phase I) - Evaluation of Deliverables and Main Cost Drivers
Read the analysis conducted by Steven Winter Associates on the proposed solutions and primary cost drivers for the first six RetrofitNY pilot projects. Download Cost Compress Study - Phase I [PDF].  

RetrofitNY: Cost Compression Study (Phase II) - Opportunities for Cost-Effective Improvements in Net Zero-Level Performance Multifamily Residences
Read the analysis conducted by Steven Winter Associates on an optimal performance specification for net zero energy retrofit solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce cost. Download Cost Compress Study - Phase II [PDF]