Solution Providers and Manufacturers

Connect with your network of partners and colleagues in manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction to explore development and deployment of key technologies needed for the RetrofitNY initiative such as:

  • Highly durable and low-cost high-performance exterior envelope retrofit panels that integrate windows and doors, suitable for retrofit application.
  • High performance low-cost roofing systems capable of integrating with solar PV for retrofit application.
  • All electric integrated mechanical systems (energy pods) capable of delivering heating, cooling, ventilation, dehumidification and domestic hot water to individual apartments and installed on 1-3 story buildings. Integrated controls to facilitate remote performance monitoring and maintenance should be included. The energy pod should be aggressively priced to deliver services at comparable cost or less than business as usual to serve as a market disruptor.
  • A new business model is needed to deliver a turn-key net-zero retrofit solution to building owners. RetrofitNY is seeking to initiate the creation of entities that provide a multi-functional approach to coordinate with the component manufacturers for the technologies outlined above, to optimize and streamline the entire project delivery while providing significant cost compression.

NYSERDA plans to engage and support industry teams to develop the key technologies and processes outlined above through various Program Opportunity Notices and other solicitations.

Looking to Partner?

Firms interested in possible joint ventures to investigate and deliver the technologies outlined are encouraged to sign up to the RetrofitNY teaming list [PDF]. This list will be accessible to other interested manufacturers and contractors.