Building Owners and Developers

The RetrofitNY initiative is interested in aggregating demand for building owners. We are seeking to iterate on the first prototype solutions, which are currently being designed, and expected to be delivered by the end of 2018. These solutions will achieve or approach net-zero energy and, improve the appearance of the building and quality of life for tenants. Subsequent iterations will further drive cost compression and realize efficiencies not possible in the initial prototypes.

If you own or manage a portfolio of buildings that have planned refinancing in the next 24 months or longer, NYSERDA is interested in working with you to test scale.

  • Select a cluster/portfolio: Screen your portfolio for buildings that are architecturally simple, qualify as affordable housing, and are scheduled for major capital upgrades/rehabilitation in the next 24 months or later. Suitable buildings would fall in the 1-2 story or 3-7 story multifamily typologies.
  • Connect with a Team: Start reaching out to solution providers in anticipation of the next RetrofitNY solicitation in 2019. You can access a list of teams [PDF] qualified through RFP 3750.
  • Identify Building Physical Needs: Compile a list of the physical requirements for renovation

Building Owner Sign-Up

Building owners who are interested in working with the RetrofitNY initiative should contact us to discuss opportunities for collaboration.