Solution Providers

From architects and builders to manufacturers and suppliers, an interdisciplinary team of solution-providers is a crucial component of RetrofitNY. We are looking for solution provider teams across the State to develop creative, efficient, and scalable solutions that will revolutionize the way affordable housing is renovated in New York.

Benefits to Solution Providers Include:

  • Access to a burgeoning high-performance retrofit and renovation market, with the potential of generating more than $1 billion annually
  • Financial and technical support for developing scalable energy-efficient retrofit solutions applicable to over 600,000 affordable housing units to start, with applications to market-rate renovations and new construction to follow
  • Funding opportunities to develop new technical strategies and solutions in the early design rounds
  • Access to an inclusive design process, drawing on NYSERDA expertise, technical and regulatory support from RetrofitNY’s industry partners, and transfer of knowledge and guidance from the successful Energiesprong program’s team members
  • Recognition as a change-maker for standardizing the retrofit model that will become the default method for affordable and market-rate renovations statewide
  • Collaboration and networking opportunities with early adopters in the housing, financing, and energy industries
  • Widespread exposure throughout the housing industry through publication and promotion of all results from proof-of-concept design rounds

If your business does any of the following, we want to hear from you:

  • Architecture, engineering, or design
  • Energy services
  • Construction or building
  • Mechanical or building envelope systems or components
  • Building or construction consultation
  • Renewable energy system manufacturing, installation, or consultation

Want to help make affordable housing more energy efficient? Learn how to get involved.