Building Owners and Developers

By aggregating market demand among affordable housing owners and developers and harnessing their collective purchasing power, RetrofitNY will revolutionize the way multifamily properties are renovated to performance levels approaching or achieving net zero. By mobilizing the design and building industry to meet this demand and compress costs, we will stimulate the development of scalable high-performance or net-zero energy retrofits solutions at costs comparable to those of a conventional rehabs, and foster business models that leverage long-term savings of total cost of ownership. RetrofitNY will enable owners to dramatically improve their buildings with minimal resident disruption or interruption of revenue streams.

Early adopters will also have access to custom professional designs, technical assistance, and the potential for additional funding.

Benefits of Getting Involved for Building Owners, Developers, and Housing Authorities Include:

  • Increased net operating income
  • Improved building quality and appearance
  • More comfortable and healthier environments for residents
  • Higher-performance retrofit solutions at similar or lower net cost of rehab per unit
  • Better access to qualifying capital and terms through energy efficiency upgrades that exceed code requirements

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