Become a NYSERDA-Qualified Industrial RTEM Vendor

The NYSERDA RTEM program (also known as EMIS - Energy Management Information Systems) has up to $5.7 million available in cost-share funding for industrial projects, which is available exclusively to the customers of NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendors. We want you to be a leader in the industrial sector, and by becoming a qualified vendor you will increase your business’s exposure and gain access to exclusive market intelligence that will give you an advantage against competitors.

Only NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendors will be able to take advantage of our cost-share incentives for industrial RTEM projects.

Incentives for Industrial RTEM Customers:

Customers who participate in the program have two options when integrating RTEM solutions into their industrial properties. Up to $155,000 is available for each individual RTEM project site.

Option A: Available for when customers pay upfront costs for RTEM/EMIS system installations.

Incentive Type NYSERDA Cost-Share
RTEM System Installation 30%
RTEM Service Years 1-3 30%
RTEM Service Years 4-5 20%


Option B: Available when RTEM/EMIS system costs are embedded in the RTEM/EMIS services costs. By choosing this option, the customer pays little to no upfront costs, allowing both the system and service costs-sharing structure to be stretched over a five-year period.

Incentive Type NYSERDA Cost-Share
RTEM System/Service Years 1-3 30%
RTEM System/Service Years 4-5 20%

Criteria for Industrial RTEM Vendors:

Vendors requesting to become qualified for industrial projects will need to meet additional criteria.

If you are a system vendor, you must:

  • Show past RTEM/EMIS projects for industrial customers
  • Be capable of incorporating both energy and production level data
  • Be able to accept or develop a site-wide energy regression model

If you are a service vendor, you must:

  • Show past work providing RTEM/EMIS data analysis and recommendations for industrial customers
  • Have experience developing regression models for energy use

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For more detailed information on eligibility and how to apply, see RFQ 3691 Real Time Energy Management Qualified Vendor requirements. To view program information in more detail, see PON3689.