Become a NYSERDA-Qualified Vendor

NYSERDA is currently accepting applications to become an RTEM qualified vendor.

Benefits for Qualified RTEM Vendors

  • Exclusive access to NYSERDA cost-share incentives for RTEM projects
  • Increase your visibility through the NYSERDA website
  • Gain access to continuous market intelligence and technical guidance documents

Who is eligible?

Vendors interested in applying to become qualified may include, but are not limited to, RTEM system and service providers, energy service companies (ESCOs), energy consultants, and engineering companies. The vendor must demonstrate they can successfully provide customers with ways to monitor energy use, provide optimization, and deliver energy efficiency services.*

Where do you fit?

Vendors can apply to become a qualified vendor in the commercial, multifamily and industrial sector. Vendors may apply to one, two, or all three sectors. Please note: vendors applying to become qualified to serve the industrial sector will have additional qualification criteria specific to the industrial sector.

Vendors can apply to be qualified as an RTEM system provider, RTEM service provider, or an RTEM system and service provider.

RTEM System Vendors: develop/install/integrate/host data collection hardware and software used to extract, store, process, and display energy information.

RTEM Service Vendors: provide energy consulting services using the data and analytics from RTEM systems to recommend/implement/verify actionable items.

For more detailed information about the three sectors and a breakdown of available incentives, please click the option(s) that corresponds with your specific area of interest:

Industrial Commercial Multifamily

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*For more detailed information on eligibility and how to apply, see RFQ 3691 Real Time Energy Management Qualified Vendor requirements.

If you are a qualified vendor and are ready to apply with an RTEM project, please see PON 3689.