Pre-development to Reduce Costs and Risks

Offshore wind is a new industry being introduced into a highly dynamic marine environment. A strong knowledge of conditions – which vary daily, seasonally, and annually – is essential for the safe and efficient design and operation of offshore wind farms. Typically, offshore wind energy developers undertake pre-development studies to inform turbine design and to estimate development costs and energy production potential. However, collection of this data can take years, and developers are bidding into State energy procurements prior to having a clear understanding of their project site, increasing uncertainty around their bid prices.

NYSERDA is supporting marine research to better characterize the marine environment off our shores. As publicly available data, this valuable information will help increase certainty of development conditions and risks associated with planning and building offshore infrastructure, ultimately reducing offshore wind energy development costs.

NYSERDA’s pre-development research activities include:

  • Conducting high-resolution digital aerial surveys to collect data on marine wildlife distributions;
  • Gathering planning level meteorological and oceanographic (“Metocean”) data from two buoys positioned in the New York Bight;
  • Collecting and analyzing wildlife data collected by passive acoustic microphones and nanotag receivers, and;
  • Collecting planning level geophysical and geotechnical information about the composition of the ocean floor.

For more information about these projects, please see our Studies and Surveys webpage.