Marine Ecosystems

Sea Turtle

There is enormous wind energy potential off the Atlantic coast, particularly an area south of Long Island and southeast of New York City called the New York Bight. As New York State pushes to generate 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, offshore wind is a logical resource to invest in.

NYSERDA is helping to develop offshore wind to meet our energy needs while reducing environmental impacts from fossil fuels. As with all infrastructure, offshore wind energy development can impact the environment around it, but it will also help reduce the long-term effects of climate change on New York’s marine ecosystems.

Weighing both the possible risks and the potential for benefits at a global scale, New York State is committed to developing offshore wind in a responsible way that considers environmental impacts and attempts to mitigate them. To meet this end, NYSERDA has formed Environmental and Commercial Fishing Technical Working Groups to: