Residential/Small Commercial MW Block Resources & Forms

Program Manual

Read the program manual and addendum for full description of rules and regulations to apply

Program Forms:

The Project Modification Request, Extension Request, Cancellation Request and Project Invoice Request are now available directly in the NYSERDA Portal.

Project Application Guidance

Affordable Solar - Energy Efficiency Specifications [PDF]
Community Distributed Generation Overview for Project Developers [PDF]

Sample Documents – Residential/Small Commercial <200kW Program

Site Map Example [PDF]
Site Photos Example [PDF]
Sample Wiring Diagram and Common Wiring Diagram Issues [PDF]
Sample Shading and Estimate of Annual Output Report: Solar Pathfinder [PDF]
Sample Shading and Estimate of Annual Output Report: Solmetric Suneye and PVWatts [PDF]
Residential Clip Board Audit Template [PDF]
Preapproval letter for Residential GJGNY Financing Example [PDF]
Sample Proforma worksheet for Residential GJGNY Financing [PDF]
Sample Proforma worksheet for Small Commercial GJGNY Financing [PDF]
Non-residential Benchmarking Tool Letter Example [PDF]
SEQRA Short Environmental Form Example [PDF]
New Construction Usage Calculations Example and Template [XLSX]

Quality Assurance – Residential/Small Commercial <200kW Program

Salesforce Resource Guides

The following reference guides are intended to assist in navigating the NYSERDA Portal. The guides will be updated and expanded over time.