Project Developer FAQS

How much funding is there for balance-of-system (BOS) projects and what is the time frame for completion?

Between NYSERDA and New York Power Authority more than $50 million has been allocated for balance-of-system cost reduction activities through 2016. In addition, the federal government has been investing in BOS cost reduction through its Solar Rooftops initiative for more than seven years.

Are Long-island projects eligible to participate in the MW Block Program?

Yes, in the residential/small commercial mw block they are, but not in the commercial/industrial program.

Is Contractor Participant registration limited to EPC Contractors performing the installation or can Developers or Financiers also register?

A finance company or developer may register as a contractor. Any entity that meets contractor qualifications may register with the program. The guiding factor is that the registered contractor will be the entity that can submit for project incentives and all responsibilities for project completion will remain with the contractor. We do allow assignment of the incentive payments to a different party (other than the contractor) at the time of application but that is for the incentive only – the responsibility for successful project completion remains with the contractor.

In the Commercial/industrial Program, how do I know if my project qualifies for Monetary or Volumetric remote net metering crediting and how does that affect eligibility for NY-Sun incentives?

Remote net metered (RNM) projects using a non-demand host meter that filed for interconnection prior to June 1 or are part of a public sector RFP issued prior to June 1 are eligible for monetary crediting with the utility. Projects that receive utility monetary crediting also receive the NY-Sun monetary incentive rate. All other projects of this type from June 1 forward will receive volumetric crediting. Projects that receive utility volumetric credit also receive the NY-Sun volumetric incentive rate.

The Monetary vs Volumetric crediting incentive in the MW Block is meant to align with the NY Public Service Commission’s transition plan.

This Order provides the criteria for determining if a project is eligible for monetary or volumetric crediting with the utility and therefore either monetary or volumetric incentive in the NY-Sun Program.

See the Commercial/Industrial Incentive Program Incentive Rate Decision Tree to help determine which incentive rate you are eligible for.

Does the non-demand host site need to be owned by the off-taker?

It does not need to owned by the host but the electric meter at the host site must be in the same account name as the satellite meters

Can the non-demand host site be in the ROS region but the off-taker in the ConEdison region?

No, the host and offtaker for a RNM project must be located within the same utility service territory and same NYISO zone, it's the utility that manages the billing and it's logistically infeasible to transact the credits across different utility companies.

Are there any caps on system size or incentives?

There are project limitations:

  • Customer’s load – the PV system estimated annual production may not exceed 110% of customers historical aggregated 12-month net grid supplied consumption
  • An individual PV project site, including multiple co-located PV projects, cannot receive incentives for more than 30% of the total MW’s in an individual block in the ConEd region
  • Individual projects are limited to 2 MW-ac per the NY SIR

Are NYPA customers eligible for incentives?

NYPA customers are eligible for incentives under the NY Sun Incentive program. There is limited funding for NYPA customers and it is available on a first-come, first-served basis. This funding is not at risk of running out anytime soon.

The only projects that are not eligible for funding are systems >200 kW for PSEG-LI customers.

How do I know if my project is in a strategic location or opportunity zone?

These maps are located on our C/I Resources Page.

For any other MW Block program questions, please refer to the Program Manuals, which outline the program rules and regulations in great depth: