Solarize for Contractors

NY-Sun works with local communities to drive Solarize campaigns—locally organized community outreach efforts aimed at getting a group of homes and businesses in an area to go solar. Through each Solarize campaign, communities select a contractor from a list of NYSERDA pre-qualified participating contractors.

Selected Solarize contractors are responsible for participating in Solarize events, performing site assessments, contracting and installing solar panels, and managing all local permits and the interconnection process. 

Benefits for Solarize Contractors

As a Solarize pre-qualified participating contractor, you will receive:

  • Access to hundreds of residential, small commercial, and community solar projects in the pre-development stage
  • Promotion and visibility to New York communities searching for contractor recommendations

Solarize Contractor Qualifications

  • Be registered as a participating contractor with NY-Sun’s Residential and Small Commercial program in good standing
  • Uphold a satisfactory average QA inspection score with NY-Sun
  • Maintain insurance policies that cover all the requirements in Article 6 of the Participation Agreement [PDF] with NYSERDA under the NY-Sun Incentive Program
  • Hold all relevant licenses and other requirements for the jurisdiction(s) served by the Solarize campaign
  • Follow rules of Solarize participation as listed in the NY-Sun Residential and Small Commercial Program Manual [PDF]

Get Started

If you meet all the qualifications outlined above, send an email to that includes:

  • Your business’ name
  • Your business’ address
  • Your federal EIN
  • Contractor/builder relationship, if applicable

Contractors and/or builders that will be working together on a Solarize campaign must establish a relationship prior to program submission. Please review the Residential and Small Commercial Program Manual [PDF] for more information on the contractor/builder model.