Become a Participating Contractor for Commercial/Industrial

NYSERDA relies on qualified, trained contractors to install new grid-connected solar electric systems for customers through the NY-Sun Incentive Program. Any interested, qualified companies and individuals may apply to become Participating Contractors in either the Commercial/Industrial (>200kW) MW Block, the Residential/Small Commercial MW Block, or both.

The Commercial/Industrial MW Block incentivizes solar electric systems that are greater than 200 kW, and incentives in this category are performance-based. Applicants to become Participating Contractors in this category must:

  • Fulfill one of two following credentialing paths:
    1. Complete three commercial-scale projects in the last three years that total to at least 500 kW. These projects must provide verifiable references and be accompanied by a brief description of the systems installed and the applicant’s role in the project.
    2. Complete a solar electric project under any of NYSERDA’s prior Customer-Sited Tier Competitive PONs. This project must have been reporting data to the NYSERDA DG Integrated Data System website for at least three months.

For complete details on specific requirements and apply to the program:

Read the Commercial/Industrial Program Manual for complete program details.

Visit Become a Participating Contractor for Residential/Small Commercial MW Block, if you are interested in project <200kW. To become a participating contractor for both, you must meet all criteria and indicate this option on the Contractor Application you submit.