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Commercial and Industrial Dashboard

NYSERDA offers incentives for the installation of new grid-connected solar electric systems greater than 200kW (not including PSEG-LI customers).

The MW block approach allocates megawatt targets to specific regions of the State, breaks those targets into blocks, and assigns incentives per block. Incentives are awarded based on the block in affect at the time of submission. Once all blocks within a region/sector are fully subscribed, the incentive is no longer available to that region/sector.

When viewing the dashboard, hold your cursor over a column in any chart to get the block details such as block open or closed, the total number of MW and the incentive assigned to the block, and the percentage of the block still available for applications. If you have trouble viewing the dashboard on this page, try launching it in a new window.

This dashboard provides real time information on the status of blocks and current incentive levels by sector and region. Block status is updated as applications are submitted. Click refresh to see current status.