Local Government Training and Resources

PV Trainers Network

Through education, training, and technical assistance, the NY-Sun PV Trainers Network helps local governments and jurisdictions identify opportunities, mitigate barriers, and create programs that drive the development of solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) markets in communities across New York State.

The Network works directly with local officials, including:

  • Administrators
  • Planners
  • Code Officials
  • Inspectors
  • First responders
  • Village engineers

The Network offers support for jurisdictions to accelerate solar development, including:

  • Introductory workshops
  • In-depth trainings
  • Technical assistance 
  • Model code and documents

For more information on the NY-Sun PV Trainers Network, visit: http://training.ny-sun.ny.gov/


NYSolar Smart is a state-wide collaborative effort led by CUNY designed to reduce the non-hardware soft costs of installing solar throughout New York with support in part from the NY-Sun Initiative. NYSolar Smart developed the NYS Unified Solar Permit and aims to further lower costs by creating clear and transparent interconnection processes, incorporating solar-friendly policies into planning and zoning, exploring financing options, offering IT tools such as the New York State Solar Map, and conducting outreach activities. Contact NYS Solar Ombudsman at sustainable@cuny.edu for assistance.